Beyond The Veil Paranormal Research founded in 2009 by Dina M. Palazini is established as a cooperative effort to penetrate some of the more elusive mysteries of humanity and the world we inhabit, to value expanding knowledge in favor of competition, and as a forum to share experiences. We interpret paranormal as that which is removed from what is contained by prevailing scientific standard.

Our fundamental purpose as a team is to explore enigmas and strange occurrences brought to our attention. Research is conducted objectively. We will subject our findings to rigorous analysis, balanced by intuition. Study of the paranormal as defined by B.T.V.P.R. includes the categories of parapsychology (e.s.p., spirit manifestation), cryptozoology (animal forms not proven to exist nor commonly accepted as authentic) and ufology (visitations and surveillance by extra-/ultra-terrestrials).

Text by Carl L. Johnson: B.T.V.P.R. Demonologist and Field Researcher. April 23, 2011